healing songs

Hi, everyone!

As you know, the vocabulary we’ve been studying in the past few days dealt with health issues, that is, symptoms, illnesses, and treatments. I’ve always believed that any given topic has a song about it and that’s why I’m writing about health (and its counterpart).

To begin with, there’s a band whose name comes in handy: The Cure. I’m not a great fan myself, so I don’t have a clue whether they speak about health or not, but their name is more than enough so far.

When it comes to songs, well, that’s easier. The thing is that singers don’t really write about flu, a cough, or even hepatitis. No. It’s love and broken hearts what’s more sung and written about (even cried about). From Bonnie Tyler’s It’s a heartache (just for its title) to Bon Jovi’s Bad Medicine. And let’s not forget P!nk and Just like a pill.


And let’s not forget Robert Palmer’s Bad Case of Loving You (Doctor, Doctor)

Lack of sleep can also be a good cause for feeling unwell, isn’t it? As in I’m so tired, by The Beatles


Hope you like the songs and learn a lot from them.

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