B2 listening comprehension – stupid laws

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On this new post you can find the listening comprehension exercise about stupid laws we worked on in class a few days ago.

You have the questions, as well as the transcript in the document below.



1. In Canada, one reason why it is illegal to do repairs on your car in the street is because

a. garage mechanics might complain.

b. your car might get stolen.

c. you might get hurt.

2. Why does the law about bicycles in Connecticut sound stupid?

a. It can’t prevent accidents from happening.

b. It’s unlikely that bicycles can go faster than 100 km/h.

c. Cyclists have never caused an accident there.

3. In the UK, why must lorries transporting animals be driven on motorways between 10 am and 7 pm?

a. Many serious accidents and pile-ups happen outside these hours

b. Lorries cannot go fast during these hours.

c. There is not so much traffic during these hours.

4. When can a person drive with no shirt on in Thailand?

a. never

b. at all times

c. it depends on the weather conditions

5. Which law about clothes seems to have a logical explanation?

a. the law about skirts in Italy

b. the law about black clothes in Australia

c. the law about the clothes line in New York

6. Why are strange animal laws enforced?

a. to make sure no one makes money from animals

b. to protect the rights of animals

c. to protect us from dangerous animals

7. The law about chewing gum in Singapore aims at

a. protecting people’s health.

b. discouraging people from chewing too much gum.

c. preventing littering.


1.  c   2.  b   3.  c   4.  a   5.  b   6.  b   7.  c

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  1. Hi Could you improve the clarity of the questions they are very blurry and not allow me to read the questions. it is a pity because your material is very handy. Anyway thank you ever so much.

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